The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire. —Pamela Hansford Johnson by sweetdivergence
Was feeling inspired today… Just finished this headdress/headchain. So happy with how it turned out :) by creative_as_a_noun
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Absolutely love sunsets like this, can’t help but stare ⛅️ by ay_prime
Photo by @stevewinterphoto. Today, July 29th, is International Tiger Day and the goal is to raise awareness of the fact that tigers are facing extinction. Although there are less than 3,000 tigers left in the wild all hope is not lost! There are still enough habitats to support healthy tiger populations, but it requires boots-on-the-ground protection, enforcement, careful monitoring of tigers and their habitats—and an end to the demand for tiger skins and tiger bone wine that’s driving poaching  and a lucrative bkack market trade.

As renowned field biologist George Schaller said, “I learned long ago that conservation has no victories. It’s a never-ending process that each of us must take part in.” So take part the effort to prevent the extinction of wild tigers! Consider making a donation to the organizations listed below—these are people working on the ground and undercover to fight poaching and the demand for tiger products:
Environmental Investigation Agency

Wildlife Protection Society of India

WildAid by natgeo
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